Fan and Sword

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“Sigourney Weaver made the behind-the-back half-court basketball shot successfully…She sunk the shot on the very first take, even though she was six feet further past the three-point line…Weaver described the miracle shot as “one of the best moments in her life”, after her wedding day and the birth of her daughter, of course.” (X)

Sigourney Weaver, professional badass

holy balls

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Well, technically, the people you’ve learned from do exist…

Jennifer Lee and Phil Johnston, screenwriters of Wreck-It Ralph (Lee is also writer and co-director of Frozen)

Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois, screenwriter-directors of Lilo and Stitch,and How to Train Your Dragon

Dan Fogelman, screenwriter of Tangled

David Reynolds, screenwriter of The Emperor’s New Groove (and co-screenwriter of Finding Nemo) (and yes that’s the largest picture I could find)

David Lindsay-Abaire, screenwriter of Rise of the Guardians

Mark Andrews, co-screenwriter and director of Brave

Steve Purcell, co-screenwriter of Brave

Brenda Chapman, co-screenwriter (and original director) of Brave, and story supervisor of The Lion King

Irene Mecchi, co-screenwriter of Brave and The Lion King

Linda Woolverton, co-screenwriter of The Lion King

(and I can’t find pictures of HTTYD co-writer Will Davis or Lion King co-writer Jonathan Roberts, but them too)

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